Dhoodh Peda / Milk Peda / Peda

Below given recipe makes good number of pedas. depending on size it would be 20 to 30.

Ingredients :
1) Milk (condensed to 1/3 th or buy condensed milk 330ml)
2) Milk powder 330mg
3) Paneer (Home made / purchased)
4) Sugar 330mg
5) Elachi powder (1 tsp)
6) Pista grated
7) Butter - (Small piece like sugar cubes - take 2 such cubes)

Method to Prepare :

1) Add butter to cooking pan. It's better to use non-stick pan as it gives best results.
2) Grind the paneer into mixer grinder in case of purchased paneer and make sure the ground paneer is soft to touch and easy to roll.
3) When the butter foams, add milk, milk powder and paneer.
4) Keep stirring till the mixture turns like gova. (it might take 10 to 15 minutes). Use non stick pan for better results. The gova would come like a chapati dough and wouldnt stick on the pan.
5) Remove from heat. Allow it to cool for some time
6) Add sugar, elachi and mix to prepare a dough.
7) Make small balls out of the dough to little less than a lemon size.
8) Flatten them using fingers by pressing with our thumb on top of the ball and add pista and cucumber seeds to it.

Dhoodh peda is ready ,Eat it , Have fun.


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