Monday, June 6, 2011

Poricha Rasam / Poritha Rasam

Ingredients :

Toor Dhal / Tuvaram paruppu - 1/4 Tumbler
Urad dhal / Ulutham paruppu - 1 Spoon
Chenna Dhal / kadala Paruppu - 1/2 Spoon
Pepper / Melagu - 1/2 Spoon
Jeera / Seeragam - 1/4 Spoon
Red chillies - 3
Asafetida / Perungayam - 1 pinch
Tomato - 2
Mustard - 1/4 Tspoon
Curry Leaves / Karuvepillai - 8 to 10 leaves
Ghee - 1 spoon
Sunflower oil / Cooking oil - 1 spoon

Method to Prepare :

1) Cook and smash Toor Dhal to make thick paste of it.
2) With 1 spoon of cooking oil, fry Urad dhal, Pepper, Chenna dhal, Asafetida, Red chilli till the dhals turn brown and allow the mixture to cool.
3) Cut tomatoes into small pieces and add them along with 1 tumbler of water to a cooking vessel and cook in simmer.
4) Add 1 tumbler water to the smashed Toor dhal paste and mix it evenly.
5) Powder the Dhal, pepper mixture on a mixer grinder and keep it ready.
6) When the tomatoes seem cooked, add the toor dhal syrup ,the powder and required salt to the vessel.(Mostly 1 1/4 spoon of salt would be required)
7) Allow them to cook, till foam is formed and remove them from heat. Poricha Rasam is ready.
8) With one spoon ghee ,fry the mustard seeds ,when they burst add curry leaves to it and pour them to the Rasam.

Eat n Enjoy :)

Tips :

Best Side dish would be Rice Pappad / Arisi Applam.
Just before serving add few Lemon drops to the rasam. It gives a magical taste to poricha rasam :)

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