Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pori Urundai Recipe

For a tasty pori urundai, follow the recipe below.

Ingredients :
Pori – Aval / Nel pori (1 pkt 250 gms wd be ok for 8 to 10 pori urundais)
Cashew – 6 to 8
Badam – 6 to 8
Walnut – few peices
Ghee – 2 spoons
Jaggery – slighlty more than quantity of pori (say if you have one handful pori, take one and quarter times jaggery to prepare urundais)
Prep method :
1) Cut the cashew, badam, walnut into small pieces.
2) Fry the nuts in ghee till they turn golden brown.
3) Keep them aside and allow it to cool.
4) On a frying pan, make syrup out of jaggery. (Syrup preparation method given below)
5) Spread the pori on a vessel, add fried nuts, mix them up and pour syrup evenly.
6) Syrup would be too hot to touch now, so leave it for a minute or two.
7) The syrup solidifies sooner and sticks a lot, so apply ghee to your hand and start making balls out of porimix and syrup, starting from corner of the vessel to the center.

8) Allow the balls to cool down and keep them in air tight containers :)

Happy karthigai to all readers :) n

Happy karthigai to all readers :) n
Syrup Preparation:
a) Powder jaggery or smash it to smaller pieces .
b) On a bigger pan, add water till the jaggery gets immersed in it.
c) When jaggery gets completely dissolved, filter the syrup to remove dirt if any and add it to the pan again.
d) Allow the mix to boil.
d) At intervals check if the syrup is ready. ( u can keep a cup of water, add a drop of syrup and see if it gets dissolved.) At some point, you would see that the syrup droplets doesnt dissolve in the cup of water.