Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mysorepak - My hubby's fav sweet

Mysorepak is easiest of sweets to prepare and needs a lot of attention while preparing. Use a thick vessel/pan to prepare mysorepak.

Ingredients :

Chenna Dhal Flour /  kadala Mavu - 250 gms
Sugar  - 1kg
Pure Cow Ghee - 1/2 kg

Method to prepare :

1) On a plate apply some ghee and keep it ready to pour the mysorepak.

2) Saute the chenna dhal flour with 2 spoons of ghee till you sense its smell  . Allow it to cool for sometime.

3) Prepare Sugar syrup such that . Add four tumblers of water and stir well to prepare the syrup.  While preparing sygar syrup some dirt gets collected at the top . Remove the dirt and keep checking if the sugar syrup is ready. The syrup should stick well between fingers.

4) Heat the half kilo ghee and keep them ready to be poured.

5) When the sugar syrup is ready, add the chenna dhal flour to it and keep stirring to mix them evenly.
    Keep stirring at low flame to avoid deep frying.
    Add a cup of hot ghee and keep stirring till it absorbs it all,
    Add the hot ghee cup by cup and keep stirring the mix till it absorbs them all.
    When the mixture concentrates to the center and a milk foam layer is formed. Remove from heat.

6) Immediately transfer the contents to a plate and cut them  into cubes or shapes you wish with a knife. Do not delay even for a minute , a minute's delay can turn the mix into mysorepak inside the bigger pan :P

7) Mysorepak is ready. Allow it to cool , after an hour tilt the plate upseide down and break them to pieces.

8) Yummy Mysorepak cubes are ready ;)

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