Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tasty Puliodharai / South Indian Tamarind Rice Recipe

Many of my friends have asked me the recipe for tasty puliodharai ;). Here is one simple recipe, easy to remember and prepare.

Ingredients :

1 ) Tamarind Paste :
Tamarind /Puli - 1 cup tamarind pulp ( lemon sized tamarind ball would help)
Gingely oil   - 1 cup
Chenna Dal / kadala parupu - 2 spoons
Ground nuts - one handful 
Red chillies - 3-4
Jaggery / vellam - small ball to the size of 50 paise coin. 
Turmeric powder - 1/2 spoon
curry leaves - 10 -12
Salt to taste

2)  Tamarind Podi/ Powder:
Gingely oil - 1 spoon
Til / karupu Ellu - 1 spoon
Methi/ mendiyam - 1 spoon
Coriander seeds / Daniya  - 2 spoons
Chenna Dhal / kadala parupu - 2 spoons
Red chillies - 4 to 5
Ground nut - 5-8

2) Rice
    Raw rice - 1 cup

Procedure : 

 1) Cook the raw rice with one and quarter times water. (we cook rice with one and half times water in  normal case, its done to cook rice with lesser water than normal.)
 2) Make pulp out of tamarind ball. :
   Boil one cup of water and add tamarind ball to it . Allow it to cool and squeeze well to get the pulp, remove seeds if any.

Tamarind Powder :
 3) Take a cooking pan to prepare the tamarind powder.
 4) Add one spoon of gingely oil to the pan , then add Til, Methi, Ground nuts and Chenna Dhal.
 5) Fry them at low flame till dhal turns brown.
 6) Now add Coriander seeds and Red chillies and fry again.
 7) After the coriander seeds pop up, remove the cooking pan from heat.
 8) Allow the contents to cool and powder them.
Tamarind Paste :
 9) Take the cooking pan add 1/2 cup gingely oil and allow it to heat for a minute.
 10) Add Chenna Dal, Ground nuts, Red chillies and fry till dhal turns red.
 11) Add Turmeric powder saute once.
 12) Add the tamarind pulp now and allow to boil.
 13) When the oil separates from tamarind , add jaggery and stir once or twice.
 14) Add curry leaves and salt required .
 15) When the pulp concentrates to the center of the cooking pan (thickens) remove the pan from heat.
Tamarind Rice :
 16) Take a wide bowl/vessel to mix all the contents with rice.
 17) Add  remaining 1/2 cup gingely oil to the cooked plain rice (It keeps the rice non-sticky).
 18) Add few curry leaves and mix the rice gently.
 19) Add the tamarind powder and mix evenly.
 20) Add the tamarind paste to to the rice and mix again as required.

The tasty Tamarind rice / Puliodharai sadam  is ready :) Serves 2-3 people..

Please Note : Incase you wish to prepare puliodarai as distributed in temples ;), Just replace the redchillies in tamarind powder preparation to 3/4 spoon pepper.

I've tried it several times, and it has always been yummy  :)

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