Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kannada Sambhar Recipe

Here goes the prep method for Kannada sambhar for 3-4 people.
 Required : 
1) Amla sized tamirind ball (puli), Jaggery ball(vellam).
2) 1 cup freshly grated coconut(prepare thick juice of it) .
3) 1 cup Toor dal.
4) 1/4 spoon : Methi, Jeera, til(vellai ellu i guess), Mustard (kadugu).
5) 1/2 spoon : Turmeric power, coriander powder.
6) 4 Dried Red chilli.
7) 5-6 leaves curry leaves (karuvepalai).
8) Cooked vegetables : Tomato, beans, carrot and potato. (cook it along with toor daal in cooker)

Optional : Asafetida( perungayam)

Method :1) Prepare Syrups out of Tamarind and Jaggery.
2) Cook Toor dall in cooker.
3) Fry Methi, Jeera, til, Mustard , turmeric powder and red chilli with half a spoon of oil, Grind it along with freshly grated coconut and make a paste out of it.
4) Allow Tamarind syrup to boil and add Jaggery Soup to it. Stir well.
5) Add : Curry leaves (tearing each of the leaf into 2 or 3 parts), cooked vegetables ,the Paste prepared as above and cooked toor daal.
6) Allow the Sambhar to boil, bring it to simmer and add few coriander leaves.
7) Sambhar is ready to be served hot.

Tip :

It would taste yummy with soft hot idly/ dosas than rice.

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