Monday, April 6, 2009

Sambhar podi - Iyengar special

Here goes the prep method for Sambhar podi / Kozhambhu podi for 1-2 months in measures of tumblers.

Required :

8 Tumblers : Red Chilli
4 Tumblers : Daniya
1 Tumber : Melagu (Black pepper), (Tuvaram paruppu) Toor Daal ,
Kadala Parupu (Chenna Daal)
1/4 Tumbler : Venthiam, kadugu

Optional :

Manjal podi or Turmeric Powder

Method :

Fry the above content in a dry pan seperately,
Daniya till it jumps and add Melagu with daniya while frying,
Daal till they become brown or closer to brown colour,
Methi till they become dark brown,
Red chillies till they become darker red or nearly black.

Fry one table spoon of Turmeric powder (Manjal podi) seperately in the same pan and grind them together in mixie such that chilli goes to the bottom of the mixie jar, daniy on top of it and other contents above all.

Tip :
When packed in air tight containers, The smell and freshness of the podi doesnt go off with time.

Enjoy :)

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