Monday, October 13, 2008

PopCorn in 5 minutes

I was under the thought that we need some machine to make pop corns but…I was wrong!!!! Few days back I bought the corn seeds from the vegetable market. The packet which had the seeds gave some instructions to make pop corns. I was so curious to try it out.

It said…

1) Take 3 spoons of oil/ghee in a vessel (cooker / cooking pan).
2) Heat the oil in the pan and add the corn seeds (half a tea cup) to it.
3) Stir it up once or twice
4) Close the vessel with a lid.
5) Switch off the vessel once u hear a corn pop up
6) Add salt/ chilli powder to the corn.

I tried them out... yeah it worked well and I was so happy to see the crispy popcorns and… for the cone I used my daily magazine :D

When the corns popped up one after the other … it was like bursting crackers inside my cooking pan.

I wish u too try them when u r free and bored. It’s really yummy...Enjoy…having popcorn in less than 5 minutes of time.

For those who have just started to learn cooking (like me) will find it so exciting!!

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